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China Glass Fiber Market 2011 Deep Research Report

China Glass Fiber Industry 2011 Deep Research Report

2011 Deep Research Report on China Glass Fiber Industry was a professional and depth research report on China wind turbine blade Glass Fiber(only use for wind power blade) Industry. 
Firstly the report describes the background knowledge of Glass Fiber, including Glass Fiber Concepts Classification production process technical parameters; then statistics China 16 Manufacturers Glass Fiber product Capacity production cost price production value profit margins and other relevant data, statistics these enterprises Glass Fiber products, customers, raw materials, company background information, then summary statistics and analysis the relevant data of these enterprises. and get China Glass Fiber companies production market share,different type different Axial Glass Fiber production market share,China Glass Fiber demand supply and shortage, China Glass Fiber 2009 -2015 production price cost profit production value profit margins, etc. At the same time, we analyzed and discussed supply and demand changes in Glass Fiber market and business development strategies, conduct a comprehensive analysis on China Glass Fiber industry trends. 
Finally, the report also introduced 8000ton/year Glass Fiber project Feasibility analysis and related research conclusions. In a word, It was a depth research report on China Glass Fiber industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from Glass Fiber industry chain related experts and enterprises during QYResearch Glass Fiber Research Team survey and interview.
Chapter One Glass Fiber Industry Overview 1
1.1 Definition 1
1.2 Classification and Application 1
1.3 Industry Chain Structure 3
Chapter Two Glass Fiber Manufacturing Process and Cost Structure 4
2.1 Glass Fiber Manufacturing Process 4
2.2 Glass Fiber Cost Structure 4
2.2.1 Strand Price Analysis 5
2.2.2 Plaid Price Analysis 5
Chapter Three Glass Fiber Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 6
3.1 Glass Fiber Productions Overview 6
3.2 E-Glass H-Glass Glass Fiber Production Market Share 11
3.3 Glass Fiber Demand 14
3.4 Glass Fiber Supply Demand and Shortage 14
3.5 Glass Fiber Cost Price Production Value Profit Margin 15
Chapter Four Glass Fiber Key Manufacturers 15
4.1 ChangZhou CTC Technical Fabrics CO.,LTD 15
4.2 Zhenshi Group Hengshi Fiber (China Fiberglass) 18
4.3 Owenscorning 20
4.5 Taishan Fiberglass (Sinoma) 25
4.6 Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co.,Ltd 27
4.7 Changzhou Hongfa Zongheng New Materials Technology Ltd. 30
4.8 PPG (Strand) 33
4.9 Jiangsu Changhai Composite Materials Co., Ltd 35
4.10 Ahlstrom Composite Fiber (Binzhou) Co., Ltd. 37
4.11 Johns Manville 41
4.12 Jiangsu Zhongya New Material Co,Ltd 44
4.13 Taian Jingwei Fiberglass Products Co.,Ltd 46
4.14 Zhejiang Chengrudan New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. 49
4.15 Shaanxi HuaTek Fiberglass Material Group CO.,Ltd 52
4.16 Zhejiang Lintex Composites Co.,Ltd 55
Chapter Five Glass Fiber Project Investment Feasibility Analysis 58
5.1 Glass Fiber Project Opportunities and Risks Analysis 58
5.2 8000Ton/Year Glass Fiber Project Investment Feasibility Analysis 59
Chapter Six China Glass Fiber Industry Research Conclusions 60

China Glass Fiber Industry

China Glass Fiber Industry 2011 Deep Research Report

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